🔷 The first NFT set: Genesis Membership Pass

Early adoption rewards for stakeholders

Importantly, this Genesis collection is the first in a series that will be released as part of the Passive Income NFT Club. Being an early adopter of this collection means getting to build the community around you and benefiting directly from the networks growth. It also means getting to enjoy a wealth of benefits such as increased access to future drops and receiving royalties from other NFT sets.
What are the perks of having a Passive Income DAO - Genesis NFT?
The Genesis NFT set is a low-supply OG set from the Passive Income NFT Club. They help to kickstart the project and have the most benefits.
As a community-driven project, The Passive Income NFT Club allows asset holders to vote on how funds will be allocated. This means that all decisions are within the hands of those who are directly involved.
The Genesis Holders will have voting power and can choose what kind of NFT DAOs they want to set up. In return for setting up new DAOs, they get royalties in return from every new NFT set. Because the Genesis Holders receive royalties, they have the best interest to make a massive success of every DAO.
After setting up multiple DAOs they can also decide to use their remaining funds to build extra revenue activities.
  • Lifetime DAO Access
  • Royalties sharing: 50% of the royalties from the Genesis set on the secondary market will be shared between all the Genesis holders every month.
  • Free AirDrop from every new NFT set: Every time a new DAO is created the Genesis holders receive a free airdrop from the new NFT set.
  • Bonus royalty airdrops: they also receive 25% of the secondary sales from every new NFT DAO.
Genesis Membership Pass
Optional suggestions: (to be considered by the Genesis Holders)
  • Community wallet investments: eventually the Passive income Club can invest in other projects and share the revenues with the holders after creating the DAOs
  • Holders of the Passive income Club can join raffles to win extra NFTs
  • Creating Alpha investment signals
  • Build Passive income Alpha Tools
  • Build own revenue platforms
  • Build more utility that benefits holders
  • Open to suggestions from the community.