🔷 The first NFT collection: Genesis Membership Pass

Early adoption rewards for stakeholders

Importantly, this Genesis collection is the first in a series that will be released as part of the Passive Income NFT Club. Being an early adopter of this collection means getting to build the community around you and benefiting directly from the network's growth. It also means enjoying a wealth of benefits such as increased access to future drops and receiving royalties from other NFT collections.

What are the perks of having a Passive Income DAO - Genesis NFT?

The Genesis NFT set is a low-supply OG set from the Passive Income NFT Club with only 100 passes. They helped to kickstart the project and have the most benefits.

As a community-driven project, The Passive Income NFT Club allows asset holders to vote on how funds will be allocated. This means that all decisions are within the hands of those who are directly involved.

The Genesis Holders will have voting power and can choose what kind of NFT DAOs they want to set up. In return for setting up new DAOs, they get royalties in return from every new NFT set. Because the Genesis Holders receive royalties, they have the best interest to make a massive success of every DAO.

After setting up multiple DAOs they can also decide to use their remaining funds to build extra revenue activities.

Risks & responsibility

Because it's the job of the Genesis Holders to make sure that PINC (and all subDAOs) can flourish. There are several risks associated with the Genesis DAO.

As this is PINC's first collection, there is no proof of concept. The holders must therefore be aware that there is no guarantee to recover the initial investment.

The Genesis DAO sets up new subDAOs but also has the responsibility to ensure that the maximum return will be achieved for the holders of the subDAOs.

SubDAOs are niche specialized and therefore have a less broad distribution in terms of investments. Specializing on a niche can increase revenue but it also increases risks. It's the Genesis' job to jump in when a subDAO wears to fall. This may mean that the holders of subDAOs will have to be compensated with the funds from the Genesis DAO. The Genesis will always have to act in the best interest of the subDAOs. Even if it means that the Genesis would have to give up their gained profits.

At the moment, this collection has only invested in the Solana blockchain. In the longer term, PINC intends to invest in other blockchains to create better diversity in the PINC ecosystem.

Genesis Holders benefits & revenue streams

  • Lifetime DAO Access

  • Voting power: Genesis Members almost have full power on the roadmap

  • Royalties sharing: 50% of the royalties from the Genesis set on the secondary market will be shared between all the Genesis holders every month.

  • Free AirDrop from every new collection: Every time a new DAO is created the Genesis holders receive a free airdrop from the new NFT set.

  • Bonus royalty airdrops: they also receive 25% of the secondary sales from every new NFT DAO.

  • PINC DAO revenue sharing: Genesis Holders receive 5% of the revenue that every PINC Sub DAO makes.

  • DAO investments revenue sharing: The Genesis DAO provides liquidity and shares the revenue with Genesis Holders. We achieve an average APY of 150%.

  • Alpha Subscription revenue sharing: Genesis Holders receive 10% of the revenue made from the PINC Alpha Subscription.

Optional suggestions: (to be considered by the Genesis Holders)

  • Community wallet investments: eventually the Passive income Club can invest in other projects and share the revenues with the holders after creating the DAOs

  • Holders of the Passive income Club can join raffles to win extra NFTs

  • Creating Alpha investment signals

  • Build Passive income Alpha Tools

  • Build own revenue platforms

  • Build more utility that benefits holders & created DAOs

  • Open to suggestions from the community.

Genesis Membership Pass - SOLD OUT!

  • Supply: 100

  • Mint price: 4-5 SOL

Secondary Market: https://magiceden.io/marketplace/passive_income_nft_club

Genesis Mint Funds Distribution

  • 35% reserved for building new DAOs + marketing*

  • 40% reserved for the team + expanding team

  • 25% reserved for project funding

*What's left from the minting funds after creating multiple DAOs. The Genesis Holders can decide what to do with the rest of the community wallet funds. For example other community investments or building other revenue platforms.

Genesis Royalties Distribution

  • 50% goes back to holders

  • 30% to the team

  • 15% to Genesis community wallet and marketing

  • 5% to charity*

*The Genesis holders decide to what charity the charity funds should go and will be distributed at the end of every year.

Genesis Holdings


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