🔷 About the Passive Income NFT Club

The Passive Income NFT Club creates DAOs that invest in NFT sets that create passive income. The revenues will be shared between the holders of the NFTs.

There will be multiple DAO build focused on different niches in the NFT Space for example:

  • Royalties NFT DAO: a DAO that invests in NFT sets that share royalties

  • Casino NFT DAO: a DAO that invests in Casino & gambling NFT sets

  • Mining NFT DAO: a DAO that invests in NFT sets that mine crypto

  • Crypto trading NFT DAO: a DAO that invests in NFT sets that receive passive income from crypto traders

  • Real Estate DAO: a DAO that invests in NFT sets that receive royalties from (virtual) real estate.

  • Etc.

Each DAO invests in multiple NFT sets and shares the revenues with holders of the NFT.

Benefits of creating DAOs

  • By creating specific DAOs, a full community can focus on finding the best NFTs and spot potential rugs to warn the community.

  • Decentralization and community involvement

  • DAO Collabs: With a DAO we can enter into partnerships with other NFT projects and thus make special purchases for the community wallet on a larger scale.

  • Better & faster research: The DAO allows us to engage various Alpha Hunters who can find the best passive income NFT sets for our DAOs.


The Passive income NFT Club will be launched on the Solana Network but might be expanding to other chains in the future.

Why are Passive Income NFT Sets interesting during bear markets?

It’s pretty simple. For example, if an NFT project gives you some SOL in royalties, every week. During a Bear market, SOL is undervalued + there is less volume in the market, so fewer payouts ➡️ floor of the NFT is low.

So you want to gain as much as possible NFTs during a Bear market. When the Bulls arrive SOL is going up, volumes are going up + the floor of the NFTs is going up. So in this strategy, a multiple of the profits can be earned during a Bull market.

Also, one of the perks of having Passive Income NFT Sets is that it's easier to reinvest your funds. Normally you have to sell your NFTs to let your portfolio grow. Now you can hold your NFTs and also reinvest your earnings. By reinvesting you can get compound interest on your portfolio.

Compound interest is when you earn interest on both the money you've invested and the interest you earn. So with compound interest, your portfolio grows faster and faster. 📈

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