💡Suggestion 4: Mining NFT DAO

A DAO that invests in NFT sets that mine crypto

Mining NFT sets are Mining Facilities that share the profits of their mined crypto with the holders of the NFTs.

The advantage of these NFTs is that the floor of the NFTs is often very stable and continues to grow over time. Because the sets often reinvest the income, the income grows extra fast.

The disadvantage is that few sets of this can be found on the Solana Blockchain. However, many of these sets can be found on the Ethereum blockchain.

For this DAO it would be good to start with investing in Mutant Miner Rats or/and expand to the Ethereum network.

This is a slow strategy with large potential gains in the longer term.



  • Mutant Miner Rats


  • Hydro Whales

  • The Enigma Economy

  • Blockchain Miners Club

  • Blocks inside

  • Non-Fungible Miners

  • Mining Verse

More info

In the presentation below you can find more information about how Mining NFT work ⤵️

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