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Roadmap 2022

Phase 1: Preparation phase 🔹 Create Discord 🔹 Create Twitter 🔹 Create Roadmap (beta version) 🔹 Doxxing founder 🔹 Start marketing 🔹 Expanding team with mods 🔹 Create concept version of the Genesis OG NFT set (Genesis Membership Pass) 🔹 Set mint dates 🔹 Whitelist creation 🔹 Finalize creation of Genesis NFT Phase 2: Launch phase 📣 Mint date (for whitelist) 📣 Mint date (regular mint) Phase 3: After Mint Phase ⚡️Get listed on Magic Eden ⚡️Setup verification with Meta Helix ⚡️Voting for the creation of the first NFT DAO ⚡️Start first royalty payments for Genesis holders ⚡️Expend marketing Phase 4: First NFT DAO (Gen 2) creation phase 🔥 Set mint date first NFT DAO 🔥 Launch the first NFT DAO 🔥 Send airdrop(s) to Genesis NFT Holders 🔥 Voting for first DAO investments 🔥 Start first investments 🔥 Start first revenue payments Phase 5: Future 💎 To be considered by holders 💎 Launch more NFT DAO's 💎 Build more utility that benefits holders Optional suggestions to be considered by Genesis Holders 💎 Build Passive income Alpha Tools 💎 Build own revenue platforms

Roadmap 2023

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