How many NFTs will there be? There will be only 100 Genesis NFT and 1000 NFT for each new DAO. But it also depends on the wishes of the community. Is the founder doxxed? Yes, the founder is fully doxed and has extensive experience in setting up companies and trading NFTs that provide passive income. Take a look in our Discord for our #team-presentation. About First (Gen 1) NFT Collection: Genesis Member Pass The Genesis Member NFT Pass is just the first collection to launch, with more projects to launch in the near future. The Genesis Members will help to kickstart this NFT project. They will have voting power and get the most passive income over time. All collection holders gain passive income by being a member of the club, including access to hands-on support, and guidance from NFT traders, among other benefits. It’s one of the most prominent objectives of this project to bring together a financial community that is valuable to each group member.