Is the founder doxxed? Yes, the founder is fully doxed and has extensive experience in setting up companies and trading NFTs that provide passive income. Take a look in our Discord for our #team-presentation. About First (Gen 1) NFT Collection: Genesis Member Pass The Genesis Member NFT Pass is just the first collection to launch, with more projects to launch in the near future. The Genesis Members will help to kickstart this NFT project. They will have voting power and get the most passive income over time. All collection holders gain passive income by being a member of the club, including access to hands-on support, and guidance from NFT traders, among other benefits. It’s one of the most prominent objectives of this project to bring together a financial community that is valuable to each group member.

What NFT collections does PINC have and what are their revenue streams/payouts?

Genesis Membership Pass

The Genesis Holders helped to kickstart PINC and have the most benefits.

Genesis Future Payouts:

  • Genesis Holders receive payouts from royalties from all PINC NFTs monthly.

  • Starting from 01-05-2023 Genesis Holders will receive payouts from royalties + lending revenue (or any other DAO investments)

  • Starting from 01-09-2023 Genesis Holders will receive payouts from royalties + lending revenue/DAO investments + Alpha subscription + revenue from all other PINC DAO's Genesis collection: https://magiceden.io/marketplace/passive_income_nft_club

Microshares Collection

With PINC Microshares we are buying PINC NFTs which give passive income to PINC Microshares DAO. This small income will be reinvested consistently into PINC NFTs. Revenue will be distributed between all holders.

Microshare Future Payouts:

Casino DAO Collection

PINC Casino is a DAO that invests in Casino NFTs that provide the DAO (and the holders) with passive income.

Casino DAO Future Payouts:

The DAO decided to reinvest in the first months.

Casino DAO collection: https://magiceden.io/marketplace/pinc_casino_dao

Important Notes:

  • The payouts within all PINC NFT collections vary every month but are likely to increase over time.

  • Check 🤑pinc-payouts if you would like to see the previous payouts that PINC Holders received.

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