💡 Other NFT DAO Options

Marketplaces with Royalties

Many marketplaces provide royalties to holders of their crypto tokens or NFTs. Examples include Looksrare (ETH), X2Y2 (ETH), Campfire (AVAX).


  • Assuming that NFTs & the Web 3.0. Space continues to grow, volume will also continue to grow. As a result, the shares will continue to grow and the crypto tokens may become worth more.


  • The volume depends on the competition in the market.

Blockchain Services with Royalties

There are also parties that offer various services on the blockchain. An example of this is Metahelix. Metahelix helps NFT communities, among other things, to allow members to verify their NFTs and thereby demonstrate that they own the NFT and receive a special role in their Discord.

People who hold Metahelix's NFTs get shares of Metahelix's earnings. Other examples: - Sol Revenue Share: Get shares from the services they sell

Fractional Vault Share NFTs

Some NFT sets have a DAO Community Wallet with NFTs they sell as a Fractional Vault. Most of the time holders of their NFTs receive tokens and can claim their Fractional Vault Share.

By getting in at the right time The Passive Income Club can benefit a lot from this.


  • Low risk - high rewards

  • You can buy the NFTs but you can also buy the NFT crypto tokens.


  • Projects like this are hard to find.

Examples: Zombiecats (ETH)

Real Estate NFTs

In most Metaverses, you can buy NFTs as virtual land or buildings. You can often use these NFTs to rent out and thus bring in "rent" as passive income.


  • There are a lot of choices in NFT Real Estate.


  • There is also a lot of competition between providers.

  • Little volume = little earnings

Sports Betting NFTs

There are also NFT sets aimed at betting sports results. Often NFTs ensure that a sports betting platform can be established by funding the project and the holders receive royalties from the winnings of the platform in return.

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