🍰 PINC Microshares

A subDAO that invest PINC NFT and shares the revenue with the holders.

Microshares Background

Once projects are noticed in the NFT space, other devs jump in by setting up a "microshares" set. The idea behind this is to buy NFTs with community funds and divide the revenue among the holders. However, at least 90% of these sets are rug pulls.

Because it is one of our goals to put NFTs in a positive light, we decided to set up our own Microshares NFT set.

With PINC Microshares we are buying PINC NFTs which give passive income to PINC Microshares DAO. This small income will be reinvested consistently into PINC NFTs. Revenue will be distributed between all holders.

Over the long term, even small amounts of money can turn into tens of thousands of dollars if invested wisely. By sweeping the floor with PINC Microshares DAO we also keep up the floor prices of PINC and we prevent other fake PINC Microshare sets from being created.

Advantages & risks involved with the Microshares DAO

In addition to the fact that no fake Microshare collection can be set up, the advantage of the Microshares DAO is that joining the PINC Community becomes more accessible. The supply is larger and the price is lower than the Genesis DAO. This ensures more diversity within the PINC Community and helps to grow our community.

It is good for the Microshare holders to realize that there is also a risk involved in participating in the Microshares DAO. The holdings of the Microshares mainly consist of PINC collections. This means that when PINC grows it is positive for the holdings and if PINC collapses it can be bad for the Microshares DAO. It is the job of the Genesis DAO to direct and financially support the Microshares DAO when needed.

At the moment, this collection has only invested in the Solana blockchain. In the longer term, PINC intends to invest in other blockchains to create better diversity in the PINC ecosystem.

PINC Microshares Tokenomics

  • Supply: 1000

  • Mint price: 0.1-0.2 SOL

Secondary Market: https://magiceden.io/marketplace/passive_income_nft_club_microshares

Mint Funds Distribution

  • 55% reserved for the Microshares Community Wallet

  • 20% reserved for the team

  • 25% reserved for project funding

Royalties Distribution

  • 25% to Genesis Holders

  • 50% to the team

  • 20% to the Microshares Community Wallet

  • 5% to charity

Revenue Distribution

  • 90% to PINC Microshares Holders / Community Wallet

  • 5% to Genesis Holders

  • 5% to the team

The revenue will be airdropped every month to the Microshares Holders. The exact amount of revenue depends on the holdings in the Microshares DAO.

MIcroshares Holdings


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