💡Suggestion 1: Royalties NFT DAO

A DAO that invests in NFT sets that share royalties

Choosing a DAO that focuses on getting royalties from holding NFT sets could be a good option to start the first DAO.

The advantage is that there are many different sets on the Solana Blockchain that provide royalties. They are easy to find and that would mean we could start pretty quick with setting up the DAO.

The disadvantage of royalty sets is that the exact ROI (return on investment) is difficult to calculate. This depends on the volume of a particular NFT set.


  • Perseus NFT: NFT holders get tokens as equity from their business investments.

  • Cheddar Block Games: Holders can set up a Gaming Team and receive royalties from their revenues.

More info

In the presentation below you can find more information about how royalties in NFT work ⤵️

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