🎰 PINC C@sino DAO

PINC C@sino is a subDAO set up by PINC that invests in Casino NFTs that provide the DAO (and the holders) with passive income.

PINC C@sino background

The PINC Community has voted to set up the PINC C@sino DAO first. This DAO investigates which Casino NFT projects there are and which ones function the most stable. This DAO will purchase multiple casino NFTs and receive Solana tokens from them every week. Each month, the C@sino DAO holders can decide whether they want to reinvest these tokens or airdrop the profits.

Advantages & risks involved with the PINC C@sino DAO

It should be clear that just as in web 2.0. investing in Casino projects is not without risk. Casino projects can generate a huge amount of revenue. However, the competition in the market is fierce and the rewards depend on the volume, and the volume of a casino is often accompanied by the crypto market situation.

PINC C@sino chooses to spread the portfolio as much as possible over various casino projects. This DAO is niche specialized and therefore has a less broad distribution in terms of investments. Specializing on a niche can increase revenue but it also increases risks. It is the job of the Genesis DAO to directly and financially support the Casino DAO when needed.

At the moment, this collection has only invested in the Solana blockchain. In the longer term, PINC intends to invest in other blockchains to create better diversity in the PINC ecosystem.

C@sino DAO Tokenomics

  • Supply: 1000

  • Mint price: 1-1.5 SOL

Secondary Market: https://magiceden.io/marketplace/pinc_casino_dao

Mint Funds Distribution

  • 75% reserved for DAO community wallet investments

  • 15% reserved for the team

  • 10% reserved for project funding

Revenue Distribution

  • 90% revenue to holders, paid out monthly*

  • 5% to Genesis Holders

  • 5% to the team

*The community can vote if they want to reinvest the earnings to compound their passive income or to pay out themselves. Payouts will be airdropped on monthly basis.

Royalties Distribution

  • 25% to Genesis Holders

  • 50% to the team

  • 20% to marketing and DAO community wallet

  • 5% to charity*

*The Genesis holders decide to what charity the charity funds should go and will be distributed at the end of every year.

PINC C@sino DAO Holdings


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