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🌎 Welcome to the Passive Income NFT Club

Official website:
The Passive Income NFT Club (PINC) is a group of people that believes in the possibilities of NFTs. We believe NFTs can change people’s lives.
With too many rugs & scams, they want to change the perspective of NFTs to a positive side to support mass adoption and the use of NFTs in real life. Together we can protect each other from all the scams and strive for a wealthy and joyful life.
The community is everything to us and we will constantly strive toward building a highly engaged, inclusive, and supportive community.

Our Vision

  • Building a highly engaged, inclusive, and supportive community that thrives on uplifting each other.
  • Launch successful DAOs with Passive Income for our community.
  • Supporting and empowering those who are new to NFTs to learn more and become part of our DAOs.
Importantly, this is a project that is going to develop and grow over the long term where real holders and supporters will be rewarded the most. The Passive Income NFT Club is about building a community over time that will increase in both financial and social value. By prioritizing its strong foundation, the project will be able to withstand the test of time.