🔢 Tokenomics

Why are Passive Income NFT Sets interesting during bear markets? It’s pretty simple. For example, if an NFT project gives you some SOL in royalties, every week. During a Bear market, SOL is undervalued + there is less volume in the market, so fewer payouts ➡️ floor of the NFT is low.
So you want to gain as much as possible NFTs during a Bear market. When the Bulls arrive SOL is going up, volumes are going up + the floor of the NFTs is going up. So in this strategy, a multiple of the profits can be earned during a Bull market.
Also, one of the perks of having Passive Income NFT Sets is that it's easier to reinvest your funds. Normally you have to sell your NFTs to let your portfolio grow. Now you can hold your NFTs and also reinvest your earnings. By reinvesting you can get compound interest on your portfolio. Compound interest is when you earn interest on both the money you've invested and the interest you earn. So with compound interest, your portfolio grows faster and faster. 📈

Genesis Membership Pass - SOLD OUT!

  • Supply: 100
  • Max 1 mint per public wallet and 1 per whitelist
Genesis NFT perks
  • Voting power: Genesis Members almost have full power on the roadmap
  • Royalties sharing: 50% of the Genesis royalties are shared between holders
  • Free AirDrop from every new NFT DAO set
  • Bonus royalty airdrops: they also receive 25% of the secondary sales from every new NFT DAO.
  • Revenue from Genesis community wallet investments
  • Revenue from upcoming project initiatives
Genesis Mint Funds Distribution
  • 35% reserved for building new DAOs + marketing*
  • 40% reserved for the team + expanding team
  • 25% reserved for project funding
*What's left from the minting funds after creating multiple DAOs. The Genesis Holders can decide what to do with the rest of the community wallet funds. For example other community investments or building other revenue platforms.
Genesis Royalties Distribution
  • 50% goes back to holders
  • 30% to the team
  • 15% to Genesis community wallet and marketing
  • 5% to charity*

NFT Sub DAOs (GEN 2 ,3 etc.)

  • Supply: 1000
  • 1 reserved for airdrop to Genesis Holders
  • 50 per DAO reserved for team and marketing purposes
Sub DAO Mint Funds Distribution
  • 70% reserved for DAO community wallet investments
  • 20% reserved for the team
  • 10% reserved for project funding
Sub DAO Investment Revenue Distribution
  • 90% revenue to holders, paid out monthly*
  • 5% to Genesis Holders
  • 5% to the team
*The community can vote if they want to reinvest the earnings to compound their passive income or to pay out themselves. Payouts will be airdropped on monthly basis.
Sub DAO Royalties Distribution
  • 25% to OG Holders
  • 50% to the team
  • 20% to marketing and DAO community wallet
  • 5% to charity*
*The Genesis holders decide to what charity the charity funds should go and will be distributed at the end of every year.